About Us

Requisite Technologies is revolutionizing the business world by providing superior agile workshops services in different verticals. In such a volatile business world where change is a constant and disruption is a new normal, Requisite Technologies is an emerging enterprise consulting, Agile coaching and training, and differentiating service provider.

Requisite Technologies of its globally recognized experts with the best in industry expertise who are enabling business world to adapt to the emerging trends.Requisite Technologies is helping business world to apply lean principles and practices to produce the finest outcome and achieve substantial improvements. For its impressive work in transforming businesses in a complex work environment, Requisite Technologies has become the unanimous choice of several business giants.

Who We are?
From quaerere came requirere, meaning “to ask again.” Repeated requests can express a need, and the past participle of requirere, which is requisitus, came to mean “needed” or “necessary.” The English language acquired requisite when it was adopted into Middle English back in the 1400s meaning made necessary by particular circumstances or regulation or a thing that is necessary for the achievement of a specified end.We believe in continuous self-discovery, self-improvement, and introspection. Agile in a broader sense is all about a state of being rather than a process or a framework. Agile is not just a buzzword for us, being Agile is being alive, alive in all senses. With this view of continuous self-discovery and self-improvement.

What we value?
At Requisite Technologies, we do not believe in providing fit-for-fit solutions for your organization. Success is not a process or accomplishment which can be taught and mastered. Success is a prolonged journey of learning from our faults and experiencing a sense of enlightenment. One cannot expect to master success in a classroom or in a boardroom. We understand every organization have diverse teams and projects, so the barometer for success is varied for everyone. We trust in finding a solution that works best for you and your organization rather than imitating notions and forcefully implementing them. For us, an organization is not just a group of individuals working together, it is a family with common values and principles, which celebrates success and shares joy; helping and building foundation hand in hand.

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